Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies

Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies


Are you still popping Calcium tablets?

Well, here is a gift of Mother Nature – ‘Finger Millet’ aka Ragi which is immensely rich in calcium, protein, iron and many other powerful nutrients. Bazic Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies are made with pure, freshly milled Millets, premium quality dark chocolate and rich white choco chips.

We bet these Ragi Dark Chocolate Cookies are delicious than Phoebe’s Grandmother’s chocochip cookie (oh yeah, we are Millenials, we still watch Friends and use its reference in our copywriting a lot).

Stop wasting your time on yukky cookies, order Bazic Ragi Cookies, dunk them into your favourite beverages (Not hard ones) and live life happily!

P.S. Only millet flour is used in making these cookies. No hidden sugar & no trans fats. Made with Ayurveda recommended butter and premium dark chocolate. Tastes heavenly.

No of cookies – 12

Weight 150 g


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