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Bajra Coconut Mini Millet Cookies 75g

Bajra Coconut Mini Millet Cookies 75g

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We humans, imagine all sorts of things like flying cars, prince charming on a white horse & even zero-calorie chole-bhature!

And just like that, we imagined- putting together a grain harvested in the driest deserts of Rajasthan - ‘Bajra’ with a fruit grown in the tallest trees of the country's southern coasts Coconuts’, and TADA! We got Bazic Bajra Coconut Mini cookies!

After all, Bajra and coconut are a match made in heaven! If you are also coconut crazy like us, you would need a restraining order to stop munching these delicious gluten-free cookies!

Nutritional Information

Energy (Kcal) 540.13
Protein (g) 7.06
Carbohydrates (g) 60.35
Total Sugars (g) 29.39
Added Sugars (g) 27.92
Total Fat (g) 27.93
Saturated Fat (g) 15.64
Trans Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 34.13
Dietary Fiber (g) 7.06


Bajra (Pearl Millet); Table Sugar; Grated Coconut; Coconut Oil; Tapioca; Leavening Agents; Natural Coconut Extract; Leavening Agents; Stabilizers- E1520, E319, E330.

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Weight - 75 g

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