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Jowar Ajwain Jaggery Mini Cookies 75g

Jowar Ajwain Jaggery Mini Cookies 75g

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“We all have been listening to our grandmothers about the benefits of Ajwain or Carom Seeds. From being an essential part of the Indian diet to being the key ingredient in some of the best go-to snacks like Namakpaare, Ajwain offers benefits like no other!

So we thought let’s bake these helpful, kind, seed spices with a humble, generous grain- Jowar. And little did we know that we were creating Magic!

When you take the first bite of these ‘little sweet-little salty’ magical coin cookies, your brain goes into a bliss state for a few seconds and comes back shouting for more!”


Ingredients: Jowar (Sorghum); Unsalted Butter; Jaggery Powder; Cornflour; Salt; Prebiotic; Leavening Agents: Carom Seeds; Stabilizers- E1520, E319, E330.

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Weight - 75 g
Cookies made with - Jaggery

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